New Car Protection

New Car Protection


Because not all new cars come from the factory the same, not all new car preps are alike! But for most vehicles, our new car protection service will ensure that the car starts out right. New cars usually sit in shipping yards, are delivered all across the country on trains or transporters, then spend more time sitting on the dealer’s forecourt. During a new car preparation , we will chemically neutralise these contaminants, and apply a durable layer of sealant to protect the finish from the elements.


Vehicle is pre-rinsed using a citrus pre-cleaner,

BMW M2 Ceramic Coated
BMW M2 Ceramic coated

Alloys cleaned using ph neutral cleaners,
Arches & door shuts cleaned and protected,
Hand Wash using a 100% sheep skin wash mitt,
Dried using Microfibre drying towels,
Paintwork clayed to remove bonded contaminants,
Single stage machine polish to enhance gloss, remove dead cells and to aid bonding of the sealant,
1 coat of long life sealant applied to paintwork,
Sealant applied to alloys,
Protective dressing applied to exterior trim,
Glass cleaned & polish applied to all exterior windows,
Tyres dressed.
Interior fully vacuumed
Interior protection spray added all fabric and leather

Prices from £300


*Price dependent on model of car and condition of paintwork; all prices reflect the amount of time spent.