Brake Caliper Painting

We offer a mobile brake caliper painting service where we come to you and will paint your calipers in any colour you wish.**

The Process:

We will arrive at the location and start off by jacking up the Vehicle and then placing it onto axle stands.

We will then proceed to remove the wheels.

Once all of the wheels are removed from the vehicle we can then start the preparation process of the calipers and hubs ready for painting

Once we have cleaned and prepared the calipers and hubs we then start the application of the high temp enamel based paint (in any colour of your choice) to the caliper & disc hub.

We will then apply a minimum of 3 layers of paint to each caliper to give them a high gloss smooth finish.

Once we have finished the painting process of both the calipers and hubs we will then replace all wheels back onto the vehicle and torque wheel nuts/bolts back to manufactures specifications.

The vehicle is then removed off the axle stands and lowered back onto the ground and wheel nuts/bolts are torqued back to manufactures specifications.

Depending on the weather conditions the paint is usually dry with in 2 hours and the whole process from start to finish can take between 3-5 hours to complete.


Please contact us for a quote by clicking here*


*Price dependant on paint colour requested and your location, if you are outside of our immediate catchment area then a travel fee of 0.45p per mile each way will be added to the price.

**If you require a custom colour then we will require a paint code of the colour, and this will incur an additional cost,   No additional charge for basic colours, ie: Red, Blue, Yellow & Black


*** DISCLAIMER*** The longevity of our enamel based caliper paint depends upon the maintenance of the calipers following treatment. Abrasive chemicals that are applied to the calipers incorrectly and unprofessionally, in addition to uncontrollable factors such as adverse weather conditions, mean that we cannot offer a guarantee – unless the condition is maintained by ourselves using our special chemicals and treatments. It is an extremely rare occurrence, but if you are unhappy with our results, we will always do our best to rectify this at our discretion.