Full Paint Correction Detail

Experience a comprehensive detailing service tailored to bring out the best in your vehicle. Our package encompasses meticulous paint correction, eradicating swirl marks and holograms to unveil a flawless finish. We apply premium carnauba wax to safeguard your paint while enhancing its luster. Inside, your vehicle receives an extensive interior detailing, including thorough cleaning and meticulous preparation of the headlining and carpets.

    1. Gentle Hand Wash: We pamper your vehicle with a hand wash using 100% sheepskin mitts, ensuring a delicate touch that preserves your paint’s integrity.
    2. Wheel Care: Your wheels receive meticulous attention, being thoroughly cleaned inside and out, while wheel arches are hand-cleaned and protected for lasting beauty.
    3. Paint Revitalisation: We employ a clay bar to extract embedded contaminants from your paintwork, followed by a meticulous hand drying using ultra-soft microfiber towels.
    4. Precision Paint Measurement: Our electronic coating gauge ensures precise measurement of paint thickness, guiding our expert three-stage machine paint correction process.
    5. Preparation and Protection: Before wax application, your paintwork undergoes a cleansing pre-wax treatment to optimise wax bonding. Then, we lavish a coat of high carnauba wax, ensuring superior protection and a captivating sheen.
    6. Chrome and Steel Brilliance: Chrome and stainless steel trim are meticulously cleaned and polished to a dazzling finish, while wheels receive a protective wax sealant for added allure.
    7. Tyre and Interior TLC: We don’t neglect the details inside. Your tyres are cleaned and dressed with a rubber preserver, while the interior receives a thorough vacuuming and dusting.
    8. Interior Refinement: Air vents and ash trays are meticulously cleaned, and we offer a choice of dashboard dressing finishes to meet your preferences—satin, matte, or glossy.
    9. Upholstery and Leather Care: Carpets and upholstery undergo deep cleaning with an extraction machine, ensuring a fresh interior. Seat rails and runners are cleaned, and interior plastics and panels are meticulously detailed.
    10. Luxurious Leather Treatment: Leather surfaces are cleaned and nourished to maintain their supple texture and rich appearance.
    11. Crystal Clear Windows: We leave no glass unpolished—windows are cleaned and polished both inside and out for optimal clarity.
    12. Seal and Protect: Finally, door seals and rubbers are treated to ensure longevity and resilience against the elements.This comprehensive detailing process guarantees that every inch of your vehicle receives the attention it deserves, leaving it looking and feeling rejuvenated inside and out.