Full Paint Correction Detail

Full detail, including paint correction to get paintwork looking at its best.
Includes the removal of swirl marks and holograms, Premium carnauba wax used for protection. The interior also benefits from an in-depth detail, including full cleaning and preparation of the headlining and carpets.

  •   Hand wash using 100% sheepskin mitts
  •   Wheels cleaned thoroughly inside and out
  •   Wheel arches cleaned by hand and protected
  •   Clay bar the paintwork (this removes all the embedded contaminants out of the paint work)
  •   Hand dried using ultra soft microfibre towels
  •   Paint thickness measured using electronic coating gauge
  •   Paint correction process, using a 3 stage process by machine
  •   Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid the bonding of wax
  •   A coat of high carnauba wax to all painted surfaces
  •   Chrome and stainless steel trim cleaned and polished
  •   Wheels waxed with a sealant coating
  •   Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber preserver
  •   Interior vacuumed and dusted
  •   Air vents and ash trays cleaned and dusted
  •   Apply dashboard dressing if required or to the customer’s choice of finish (satin, matt or shiny)
  •   Carpets and upholstery cleaned with extraction machine
  •   Seat rails and runners cleaned
  •   Interior plastics and panels cleaned
  •   Leather cleaned and fed
  •   Windows cleaned and polished, inside and out
  •   Door seals and rubbers treated