Exterior Enhancement Detail

Exterior Enhancement Detail, including single stage machine polish to get the paintwork looking at its best

  •   Hand wash using 100% sheepskin mitts
  •   Wheels cleaned thoroughly inside and out
  •   Wheel arches cleaned by hand and protected
  •   Clay bar the paintwork (this removes all the embedded contaminants out of the paint work)
  •   Hand dried using ultra soft microfibre towels
  •   Paint thickness measured using electronic coating gauge
  •   Paint enhancement process, using a single stage process by machine
  •   Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid the bonding of wax
  •   A coat of high carnauba wax to all painted surfaces
  •   Chrome and stainless steel trim cleaned and polished
  •   Wheels waxed with a sealant coating
  •   Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber preserver
  •   Exterior glass treated with water repellent treatment